Reports to the Internal Revenue Service - Expenditure Responsibility


The reports to the Internal Revenue Service by the foundation on each expenditure responsibility grant must be made each year that any part of the grant remains unexpended by the grantee at any time during the year.  The required reports must be submitted with the organization's annual return (Form 990-PF or Form 5227).  They must include the following information on each grant:

  1. The name and address of the grantee,
  2. The date and amount of the grant,
  3. The purpose of the grant,
  4. The amounts spent by the grantee (based on the most recent report received from the grantee),
  5. Whether, to the knowledge of the grantor foundation, the grantee has diverted any funds from the purpose of the grant,
  6. The dates of any reports received from the grantee, and
  7. The date and results of any verification of the grantee's reports undertaken by or at the direction of the grantor foundation.

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