Clarification to the 2023 instructions for Form 3468, Part VI, in relation to Part I, lines 7 and 8


With respect to the January 2023 revision of the instructions for Form 3468:

For your percentage of the increased tax benefit in Part VI (see section and line references below), if you checked Part I, line 7a or 8b, enter 30% or 10% respectively. Otherwise, if neither 7a nor 8b was checked, enter 6% or 2% respectively.

Part VI section and line references:

  • Section A, line 1b,
  • Section B, line 3b,
  • Section C, line 5g,
  • Section D, line 7b,
  • Section E, line 9d,
  • Section F, line 11e,
  • Section G, line 13b,
  • Section H, line 15b,
  • Section I, line 17b,
  • Section J, line 19b,
  • Section K, line 21b, and
  • Section L, line 23b.