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Post-Release Changes to Tax Forms, Instructions, and Publications

The articles below explain specific changes to forms, instructions, or publications after they are available on Such changes are often the result of new tax legislation, new IRS guidance, clarifications, corrections, updates of mailing addresses or phone numbers, and other revisions. Changes to products impacted by provisions extended to 2017 by legislation enacted February 9, 2018, including the tuition and fees deduction and the deduction for mortgage insurance premiums on Schedule A, are detailed at Also, see for additional information.

Correction to penalties under section 6721 for returns required to be filed in 2019, and section 6722 for payee statements furnished in 2019 -- 12-OCT-2018 

Filing Forms 1099-MISC with Nonemployee Compensation (NEC) for Tax Year 2018 -- 19-SEP-2018

Change to reporting points for acquisition or construction loans for tax year 2018 -- 12-SEP-2018

Availability of Form 8038-B -- 10-SEP-2018

Availability of Form 8038-TC -- 10-SEP-2018

Correction of worksheet line references in Publication 5292 -- 16-AUG-2018

Clarification to the 2018 Publication 505, Form 1040-ES, and Form 1040-ES (NR) -- 03-AUG-2018

Update to Instructions for Form 990-BL (9-2017), per Rev. Proc. 2018-38 -- 30-JUL-2018

New rules for trustee-to-trustee transfers from Qualified Tuition Programs to ABLE accounts after December 22, 2017 -- Jul-25-2018

Clarifications to the Instructions for Schedule A (Form 8975) -- 08-JUL-2018

New rule for trustee-to-trustee transfers after December 22, 2017 from Qualified Tuition Programs -- 03-JUL-2018

Correction to the 2017 and 2018 Instructions for Form 1099-B, Box 9 "Unrealized Profit or (Loss) on Open Contracts" -- 21-JUN-2018

Correction to the 2018 Publication 505 -- 30-MAY-2018

Correction to Instructions for Form 720 (Rev. April 2018) -- 18-MAY-2018

Correction to sentence in "User fee waivers and reimbursements" (Rev. April 2018) -- 08-MAY-2018

Clarification of Procedures for a Multiple Employer Plan to Apply for a Determination Letter -- 07-MAY-2018

Increase in unrelated business taxable income by disallowed fringe benefits -- 07-MAY-2018

2018 HSA contribution limit for individuals with family HDHP coverage -- 02-MAY-2018

Clarification of Procedures for an Employer To Claim the Qualified Small Business Payroll Tax Credit for Increasing Research Activities on Form 943 or Form 944 -- 24-APR-2018

Corrections to Publication 510 (Rev. March 2018) --18-APR-2018

Clarifying Changes for User Fee Waivers and Reimbursements in the Instructions for Form -- 18-APR-2018

Clarifying Changes for User Fee Waivers and Reimbursements in the Instructions for Form -- 18-APR-2018

2017 Fiscal Tax year Filers Must Use Blended Corporate Tax Rates--17-APR-2018

Notice 2018-31, National Security Considerations with Respect to Country-by-Country Reporting --13-APR-2013

New exemption application generally not required when exempt organization changes its legal form or place of organization -- 04-APR-2018

Tax Reform Guidance for 1120 filers -- 09-APR-2018

Correction to Pub 590-A, Contributions to Individual Retirement Arrangements (IRA) (2018) --04-APR-2018

Changes to line 1aa of 2017 Form 3800 for California wildfires -- 04-APR-2018

Correction to Worksheet 2 in 2017 Publication 526 -- 04-APR-2018

Clarification to line 4 of 2017 Form 2106-EZ for tuition and fees deduction -- 02-APR-2018

Clarification to line 4 of 2017 Instructions for Form 2106 for tuition and fees deduction -- 02-APR-2018

Changes to 2017 Publication 463 for Depreciation of Certain Indian Reservation Property -- 27-MAR-2018

Clarification to 2017 Publication 463 for Special Depreciation Allowance -- 20-MAR-2018

Ability to roll over of gain from empowerment zone assets -- 14-MAR-2018

2017 Tax Benefits Provided by the Bipartisan Budget Act of 2018 -- 14-MAR-2018

Reporting Related to IRC Section 965 on 2017 Returns -- 08-MAR-2018

Ability to rollover gain from empowerment zone assets sold in 2017 -- 05-MAR-2018

Changes to the 2017 Instructions for Schedule F (Form 1040) due to the Bipartisan Budget Act of 2018 -- 02-MAR-2018

Extension of the Exclusion of Forgiven Mortgage Debt and Certain Energy Credits -- 02 - MAR- 2018

Nonresident alien withholding allowance on Form W-4 -- 01-MAR-2018 

Changes to the 2017 Instructions for Form 1040NR due to the Bipartisan Budget Act of 2018 -- 28-FEB-2018

Change to requirements for excluding principal residence indebtedness discharged in 2017 to Form 982 -- 27-Feb-2018

Changes to the 2017 Publication 334 due to the Bipartisan Budget Act of 2018 -- 27-Feb-2018

Changes to the 2017 Instructions for Schedule C (Form 1040) due to the Bipartisan Budget Act of 2018 -- 27-FEB-2018

Changes to the 2017 Publication 972 due to the Bipartisan Budget Act of 2018 -- 27-FEB-2018

Modification of Qualified 2017 Disaster Losses of 2016 and 2017 Instructions for Form 4684 -- 23-FEB-2018 

Reporting mortgage insurance premiums (MIP) treated as qualified residence interest through December 31, 2017 — 23–FEB–2018

New Regular and Backup Withholding Rates for 2018 Form W2-G

New Fees with Form 8718, User Fee for Exempt Organization Determination Letter Request

AGI Threshold for Medical Expenses Restored to 7.5%

Change on 4th Quarter of the Form 720 - Quarterly Excise Tax Form — 5-FEB-2018

Election to Claim a Qualified Disaster Loss Sustained in 2016 on an Amended 2015 Tax Return — Feb-2018

Certain 2018 Due Dates Extended — 2–FEB–2018

Final Release of 2017 Original Issue Discount (OID) Tables — 1–FEB–2018

Changes to 2017 Instructions for Form 1042-S - Dec-2017

Update to Form 982, 8453-FE, 8904, 8879-F, 8879-EX and 5884-A to reflect Privacy Act language - Dec-2017

Update to 2016 Form 4684 and 2016 Instructions for Form 4684 for Taxpayers Claiming Personal Casualty Losses in Federally Declared Disaster Areas -- 14-DEC-2017

Filing Forms 1099-MISC With NEC in Box 7 with the IRS - Dec-2017

Change to the mailing address for Form 8809 and removal of fax capability—Dec–2017