IRS Tax Publications (in Braille and Text Formats)

This page contains IRS tax publications in text (.txt) and Braille ready file (.brf) formats. Both formats are bundled together in a ZIP (.zip) file. Text files can be opened or read by any program that reads text, including Microsoft Word and Notepad. This format also works well with screen enlargers, refreshable Braille displays, and screen reading software. The Braille Ready File format is a widely recognized form of contracted Braille that can be read with a refreshable Braille display or embossed to produce high quality hard-copy Braille. Some mobile devices can read .brf files using eBook reading software, contact your software developer to find out if your reading software is compatible. 

The .brf files on this page are for embossing purposes only. If you need a Section 508 compliant version, visit the Browser-Friendly Publications page for publications in HTML format. 

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All Braille products are written in the Unified English Braille (UEB) standard. As of October 1, 2015, all Braille products have been translated using this code.  Below are a few publications already translated using the UEB standard.

List of downloadable products. Note: Some products contain multiple .brf files to accommodate size.