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Options Available For U.S. Taxpayers with Undisclosed Foreign Financial Assets

The implementation of FATCA and the ongoing efforts of the IRS and the Department of Justice to ensure compliance by those with U.S. tax obligations have raised awareness of U.S. tax and information reporting obligations with respect to non-U.S. investments.  Because the circumstances of taxpayers with non-U.S. investments vary widely, the IRS offers the following options for addressing previous failures to comply with U.S. tax and information return obligations with respect to those investments:

  1. Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program;

  2. Streamlined Filing Compliance Procedures;

  3. Delinquent FBAR submission procedures; and

  4. Delinquent international information return submission procedures.

Each of these options is explained below.  The IRS encourages taxpayers to consult with professional tax or legal advisors in determining which option is the most appropriate for them.

Page Last Reviewed or Updated: 03-Mar-2017