Understanding Your CP53A Notice


What this notice is about

This notice tells you we tried to direct deposit your refund, but the financial institution couldn’t process it. We are researching your account, but it will take 8 to 10 weeks to reissue your refund.

What you need to do

  • If you don’t receive your refund check or a follow-up letter within 10 weeks. If you don’t receive your refund check or a follow-up letter within 10 weeks. Call us at the toll-free number on the top right corner of your notice. Please have your paperwork (such as cancelled checks, amended return, etc.) ready when you call.
  • If you call us before then, we won’t have any information about the status of your refund.

Frequently asked questions

A financial institution can reject a refund for many reasons. Usually though, one of the following items doesn't match its records:

  • Name
  • Social Security number
  • Routing number
  • Account number

We must research your account to determine if you should get the refund. We try to balance customer service and tax compliance by reviewing tax returns to prevent fraudulent or incorrect refunds. Please note these critical reviews take time. The following also affect time frames:

  • Bankruptcy
  • An open audit
  • A balance due on a related account (such as a different tax year)

Unfortunately, calling the IRS can’t speed your refund. You don’t need to call us unless we ask you to do so. If we need more information to process your refund, we’ll contact you by mail. Our telephone assistors cannot provide any additional information.

Unfortunately, we can’t guarantee the date when a taxpayer will get his or her refund. While we can estimate, this is a “best-case scenario” where the tax return doesn’t require any additional review or corrections. We work hard to issue refunds as quickly as possible.

No. You can direct your refund to any of your checking or savings accounts. You can’t direct your refund to someone else’s account (except for your spouse’s account, if you have a joint refund).

Tips for next year

If you request a direct deposit refund, ensure the account you specify is in your name (or your spouse’s if you have a joint refund).

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