Internal Revenue Bulletin:  2009-48 

November 30, 2009 


Table of Contents

T.D. 9469 T.D. 9469

Final regulations under section 108 of the Code provide guidance on the manner in which an S corporation reduces its tax attributes under section 108(b) for taxable years in which the S corporation has discharge of indebtedness income that is excluded from gross income under section 108(a).

Notice 2009-89 Notice 2009-89

This notice sets forth a process that allows manufactures to certify to the Service that a particular vehicle meets the requirements of section 30D of the Code. Taxpayers purchasing such vehicles can rely on the domestic manufacturer’s (or, in the case of a foreign manufacturer, its domestic distributor’s) certification that a particular make, model, and model year of vehicle qualifies as a plug-in electric drive motor vehicle under section 30D, and certification of the amount of the credit allowable with respect to the vehicle. The notice also defines when the amended section 30D applies. Notices 2009-54 and 2009-58 amplified.

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