Internal Revenue Bulletin:  2009-49 

December 7, 2009 


Table of Contents

T.D. 9470 T.D. 9470

Final regulations under section 6039 of the Code require corporations to file an information return with the IRS and furnish a written statement to each employee regarding: (i) the corporation’s transfer of stock pursuant to the employee’s exercise of an incentive stock option described in section 422(b); and (ii) transfers of stock by the employee where the stock was acquired pursuant to the exercise of an option described in section 423(c). The time and manner for filing a return and furnishing statements to employees, as well as the information to be contained in the return and furnished to employees, are addressed in these final regulations.

T.D. 9471 T.D. 9471

Final regulations under section 423 of the Code provide the requirements that must be satisfied in order for a plan to meet the definition of an employee stock purchase plan. Section 423 also addresses the individual income tax treatment of stock acquired pursuant to an option granted under an employee stock purchase plan. The regulations update the existing regulations and provide additional guidance in certain areas.

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