2.3.74 Command Code DDPOL

Manual Transmittal

November 17, 2023


(1) This transmits revised IRM 2.3.74, IDRS Terminal Responses, Command Code DDPOL.

Material Changes

(1) Added Program Scope and Objectives with updated mandatory Internal Controls.

(2) Error Message (a) has been updated to reflect changes to the acceptable Command Code Definers: Definer ‘4’ has been added to access both IMF and BMF tax processing year 2024 (2023 tax return) data, and obsolete Definer ‘1’ has been deleted.

(3) 2.3.74-1 Exhibit Description now shows an updated list of acceptable Command Code Definers.

(4) IRM updated for Internal Controls per SPDER IRM 1.11.2

Effect on Other Documents

IRM 2.3.74, dated October 26, 2022 is superseded.


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Effective Date


Kaschit Pandya
Acting, Chief Information Officer

Program Scope and Objectives

  1. Overview: Command Code DDPOL is designed to research and display information to help aid in fraud detection by monitoring duplicate direct deposits. This command code is used to further research accounts which are listed on the IMF and BMF weekly Multiple Direct Deposit Reports. The reports list bank accounts that have three or more direct deposits made to them in one processing year.

  2. Purpose: These sections provide instructions for accessing Duplicate Direct Deposit information through the IMF and BMF weekly Multiple Direct Deposit Reports files in Martinsburg, WV.

  3. Audience: IRS Tax Technicians, Account Management employees, and Criminal Investigator

  4. Policy Owner: Director, Corporate Data Domain(CP)

  5. Program Owner: Tax Data On-line (TDOL), a brach within CP

  6. Primary Stakeholders: Criminal Investigation (CI), Wage and Investment (W&I), and any other IRS organization profiled with IDRS access.

  7. Program Goals: As an aid in fraud detection by monitoring duplicate direct deposits, these are the instructions for using the CFOL/IDRS command code DDPOL. Details below.


  1. This IRM and the contained subsections provide the user the necessary information on how to use Command Codes DDPOL


  1. Unified Work Request (UWR) 967232

Roles and Responsibilities:

  1. Applications Development (AD) is responsible for operations and maintenance of the command codes.

  2. Director, CP

  3. Branch Chief, TDOL

Program Management and Review

  1. Project’s data source is the weekly Multiple Direct Deposit Reports VSAM files.

Program Controls:

  1. Access to this program is governed by SACS.


  1. Acronym Definition
    BMF Business Master File
    CC Command code
    CFOL Corporate Files Online
    CP Corporate Data domain
    DM1 Data Master 1
    DDPOL Duplicate Direct Deposit Online
    IDRS Integrated Data Retrieval System
    IMDDS Internal Management Document Distribution System
    IMF Individual Master File
    IPPIN Identity Theft Protection Pin
    IRS Internal Revenue Service
    ISPF Interactive System Productivity Facility
    IT Information Technology
    NAP National Account Profile
    SSN Social Security Number
    TDOL Tax Data On-line Branch
    TIN Tax Identification Number

Related Resources

  1. Functional Specifications Package (FSP), Command Code DDPOL

Command Code DDPOL Input Format

  1. The required input for CC DDPOL is as follows:

    1. Command Code

    2. Command Code Definer

    3. File Type Code

    4. Routing Transaction Number (RTN)

    5. Bank Account Number (BAN)

  2. The input screen is shown in Exhibit 2.3.74-1.

Command Code DDPOL Valid Output Screens

  1. CC DDPOL will display the following:

    1. Total number of returns that were filed for deposit into a specific bank account.

    2. Up to 999 returns can be displayed for each tax processing year.

  2. CC DDPOL will provide the following paging features:

    1. IDRS-like paging when display of multiple returns fills a page.

    2. The paging routine will automatically position the cursor following the Start of Message symbol. When the ENTER key is depressed, the terminal will display the next page or any page designated by overlaying a page number onto the format by key Input.

    3. No entry key is needed to move from one page to another.

  3. The output screen is shown in Exhibit 2.3.74-2.

Command Code DDPOL Error Screens

  1. The input screen will be displayed back with one of the following error messages:

    1. * * DDPOL REQUIRES A DEFINER 2, 3 or 4—The input DDPOL command code definer is not valid.

    2. ** INVALID RTN REQUEST—The Routing Transaction is not numeric.

    3. ** DDPOL FILE UNAVAILABLE—The attempt to access the Duplicate Direct Deposit Database failed.

    4. ** NO MATCHING RECORD FOUND—There is no information found for the requested Routing Transaction Number/Bank Account Number in the Duplicate Direct Deposit Database.

    5. * * ERROR DETECTED IN RETRIEVING DATA, CONTACT PROGRAMMER—An error has occurred when trying to retrieve a record on the Duplicate Direct Deposit database.

    6. ** A PAGING REQUEST WAS ENTERED BEFORE A DDPOL REQUEST—The attempt to retrieve an additional page was performed before an initial DDPOL request was made.

    7. ** NO ADDITIONAL INFORMATION AVAILABLE FOR THIS ACCOUNT—No additional information exists for requested Routing Transaction Number/Bank Account Number.

    8. **FILE TYPE CD OF I OR B IS REQUIRED—The input File Type Code is invalid.

  2. The error screen is shown in Exhibit 2.3.74-3.


Description: Screen format to input request.

This is an Image: 28186373.gif

Please click here for the text description of the image.

1 01–05 Command Code: DDPOL
1 06 Command Code Definer
      2 is Tax processing year 2022 ( 2021 tax return).
      3 is Tax processing year 2023 (2022 tax return).
      4 is Tax processing year 2024 ( 2023 tax return).
1 07 File Type Code
      I = IMF
      B = BMF
1 08–16 Routing Transaction Number
1 17–33 Bank Account Number


Description: Screen layout for requested Routing Transaction Number/Bank Account Number


This format is the initial response screen. If more Records exist enter paging command for additional screen.

This is an Image: 28186389.gif

Please click here for the text description of the image.

1 01–05 Command Code DDPOL
1 23–53 Screen literal
3 01–04 Year literal
3 06–09 Tax year of return
3 11–13 RTN literal
3 15–23 Routing Transaction Number (RTN). (This field recaptures the RTN previously entered)
3 25–43 Bank Account Number literal
3 45–61 Bank Account Number (BAN). (This field recaptures the BAN previously entered).
3 63–75 Total returns literal
3 77–80 Total Returns for this RTN/BAN
5 01–80 Literals
6 01–80 Literals
8–21 03–11 SSN for IMF accounts
    EIN for BMF accounts
8–21 14–27 DLN
8–21 30–35 Tax Period
8–21 39 Filing Status
    For IMF:
    0 = None
    1 = Single
    2 = Married filing jointly
    3 = Married filing separately
    4 = Head of household
    5 = Qualifying widow(er) with dependent child
    For BMF:
    N = None
8–21 42–47 Cycle Added
8–21 50–71 Refund Amount
8–21 74–78 Zip Code
24 16–19 Page literal
24 21–23 Current Screen Number
24 25–26 Page literal
24 28–30 Total number of screens
24 42–46 Command Code to retrieve additional screen
24 48–50 Next screen number


Description: Screen layout for error messages.

This is an Image: 28186390.gif

Please click here for the text description of the image.

1 01–05 Command Code DDPOL
1 06 Command Code Definer
1 07 File Type Code
1 08–16 Routing Transaction Number
2 17–33 Bank Account Number
24 01–79 Error Message