2.4.47 Command Code VPMSG

Manual Transmittal

November 16, 2023


(1) This transmits revised IRM 2.4.47, IDRS Terminal Input, Command Code VPMSG

Material Changes

(1) IRM has been revised to update management and internal controls.

Effect on Other Documents

IRM 2.4.47, dated November 22, 2022, is superseded.



Effective Date


Kaschit Pandya
Acting, Chief Information Officer

Program, Scope and Objectives

  1. Overview: This IRM section provides an overview of Voice Processing Message (VPMSG) command code, which is part of the Telephone Routing Interactive System (TRIS).

  2. Purpose: This IRM contains procedural steps for use of the VPMSG command code. A taxpayer dials in to use the TRIS phone system. When a condition is encountered that the automated phone system cannot handle, the automated phone system passes VPMSG an Agent Message Code for the error encountered, to store on the Taxpayer Information File (TIF). VPMSG only keeps the three most current error codes. VPMSG sends a code back to the automated phone system to indicate whether the error request was successfully completed. The call is then transferred to a customer service representative for assistance in completing their transaction. The customer service representative uses Command Code VPARS to display a description of the error encountered. See IRM 2.3.69, Command Code VPARS for a complete listing of Agent Message Codes and descriptions.

  3. Audience: These procedures apply to IRS employees who are responsible for the processing of VPMSG transactions. These employees are located in the following areas: Large & Medium-Sized Business, Small Business/Self/Employed, Tax-Exempt & Government Entity’s, and Wage & Investment.

  4. Policy Owner: The Chief Information Officer (CIO) is responsible for overseeing all aspects of our systems that operate the nation’s tax infrastructure.

  5. Program Owner: IT.

  6. Primary Stakeholders: Large & Medium-Sized Business, Small Business/Self/Employed, Tax-Exempt & Government Entity’s, and Wage & Investment.

  7. Program Goals: This IRM provides the fundamental knowledge and procedural guidance for employees who work with VPMSG cases. By following the processes and procedures provided by this IRM, employees will process VPMSG cases in a manner that follows IRS policy and procedures while promoting the best interests of the Government.


  1. This IRM and the contained sections provide the user the necessary information on how to use the command code VPMSG.


  1. VPMSG was developed to give users Voice Processing as part of the Telephone Routing Interactive System (TRIS).

Roles and Responsibilities

  1. TRIS Project Lead is responsible for

    • Review and implementation of WRs that affect VPMSG

    • Updating the contents of this IRM

Program Management and Review

  1. Program Reports: This process receives a VPMSG-REQ-REC from the TMAC-MINI-COMPUTER. It will update or create the ENT-ACTION-HIST-REC for the taxpayer account with information. The VPMSG‑RESPONSE‑REC will be returned to the TMAC-MINI-COMPUTER.

  2. Program Effectiveness: This process will validity check the TIN, FILE-SOURCE-CD, and TIN-TYPE of the request record. The TAXPAYER-INFORMATION-GROUP will also be checked for correctness. If an error condition is encountered, a VPMSG-RESPONSE-REC will be sent back to the TMAC-MINI-COMPUTER.

Program Controls

  1. Access to this program is governed by SACS.

Terms and Acronyms

  1. Table of commonly used Terms and Acronyms is below:

    TIF Taxpayer Information File
    TRIS Telephone Routing Interactive System
    TIN Taxpayer Identification Number

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VPMSG Error Indicators

  1. Command Code VPMSG sends a Error Indicator back to the TRIS automated phone system. The values are as follows:

    0 Request Completed
    1 Invalid TIN, FILE-SOURCE combination
    2 TIF is not available
    3 TIF AREA is not available
    4 Account is not on TIF
    5 Invalid Agent Message Number
    6 Request record is not complete
    7 Other