2.4.47 Command Code VPMSG

Command Code VPMSG General Information

  1. Voice Processing Message (VPMSG) is part of the Telephone Routing Interactive System (TRIS).

  2. A taxpayer dials in to use the TRIS phone system.

  3. When a condition is encountered that the automated phone system cannot handle, the automated phone system passes VPMSG an Agent Message Code for the error encountered, to store on the Taxpayer Information File (TIF). VPMSG only keeps the three most current error codes.

  4. VPMSG sends a code back to the automated phone system to indicate whether the error request was successfully completed.

  5. The call is then transferred to a customer service representative for assistance in completing their transaction.

  6. The customer service representative uses Command Code VPARS to display a description of the error encountered. See IRM 2.3.69, Command Code VPARS for a complete listing of Agent Message Codes and descriptions.

VPMSG Error Indicators

  1. Command Code VPMSG sends a Error Indicator back to the TRIS automated phone system. The values are as follows:

    0 Request Completed
    1 Invalid TIN, FILE-SOURCE combination
    2 TIF is not available
    3 TIF AREA is not available
    4 Account is not on TIF
    5 Invalid Agent Message Number
    6 Request record is not complete
    7 Other