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5.21.4 Payments Made in Foreign Currency

Manual Transmittal

November 27, 2013


(1) This transmits a revision of IRM 5.21.4, Payments Made in Foreign Currency, for collection employees.

Material Changes

(1) This IRM is revised to make minor grammatical corrections, update organization terms and/or titles, and correct cross references.

Effect on Other Documents

IRM 5.21.4 supersedes IRM 5.21.4, dated 2/17/2009


The target audience is revenue officers in SB/SE Field Collection (FC).

Effective Date


FDretha Barham
Director, Collection Policy

Processing Payments Made in Foreign Currency

  1. Publication 54 advises taxpayers that they must pay their taxes in U.S. dollars. However, sometimes a taxpayer will send a payment in foreign currency and is unable or unwilling to substitute the payment for one in U.S. dollars.

  2. Use Form 3244, Payments Posting Voucher, to post a payment made in foreign currency.

  3. Prepare Form 3244 as follows:

    1. Write the applicable transaction code, amount, and type of currency in the remarks section.


      Request for foreign cash conversion: 2500 Euros TC 670 DPC 10.

    2. Leave the amount line blank.

  4. Attach Form 3244 and the payment to the daily Form 795.


    The payment will be stripped from Form 795 and transhipped to the appropriate Campus for processing by Campus Receipt and Control.


    Such payments may take in excess of 30 days to post to IDRS.

Payments by Foreign Credit Cards

  1. Taxpayers may make payment by a credit card issued by a foreign bank, provided it is a credit card accepted by IRS processors, e.g., Visa or Mastercard.

Electronic Wire Transfer from International Locations

  1. Taxpayers who reside outside the United States may pay federal tax payments by electronic transfer.

  2. See IRM, Federal Tax Application (FTA) Same-day Wire, for guidelines on making federal tax payments by electronic transfer.