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Circular 230 Tax Professionals

Rules Governing Practice before the Internal Revenue Service
Rules Governing Practice before the Internal Revenue Service

The Office of Professional Responsibility (OPR) At-A-Glance
A glance at OPR, its mission, and priorities

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)
OPR: Frequently Asked Questions

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Speaking Engagements
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Information for Tax Professionals
OPR and Other IRS Related Issues

OPR Webinars
OPR's Director discusses professional responsibility and obligations for tax practice

Latest News and Guidance from OPR
The latest news from OPR

Guidance Regarding Professional Obligations under Circular 230
A description of certain obligations under Circular 230

Rights and responsibilities of practitioners in Circular 230 Disciplinary Cases
Due process guidelines.

Disciplined Practitioners
Disciplinary Sanctions - Internal Revenue Bulletin, Guidance on Restrictions during Suspension or Disbarment, OPR Case Dispositions, and Search for Disciplined Tax Professionals

Circular 230 Disciplinary Proceedings
Section 10.60 and 10.82

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