Open Season for Membership - Internal Revenue Service Advisory Council


The Internal Revenue Service has completed its 2020 open season for new members. The IRS will next accept nominations for IRSAC in spring 2021.

What is the IRSAC?

The IRSAC serves as an advisory body to the Commissioner of Internal Revenue and provides an organized public forum for discussion of relevant tax administration issues between IRS officials and representatives of the public. The IRSAC proposes enhancements to IRS operations, recommends administrative and policy changes to improve taxpayer service, compliance and tax administration, discusses relevant information reporting issues, addresses matters concerning tax-exempt and government entities and conveys the public's perception of professional standards and best practices for tax professionals. A report PDF is presented to the Commissioner of Internal Revenue each year at a public meeting.

IRSAC members gather in Washington, DC, for approximately four, two-day working sessions and one public meeting per year. Members are not paid for their services. However, all travel expenses within government guidelines will be reimbursed.

Who can apply?

IRSAC members are drawn from substantially diverse backgrounds representing a cross-section of the taxpaying public with substantial, disparate experience in: tax preparation for individuals, small businesses and/or large, multi-national corporations; information reporting, tax-exempt and government entities; digital services; and professional standards of tax professionals. Nominations of qualified individuals may come from individuals or organizations. They should describe and document the proposed member's qualifications for IRSAC.

How do I apply?

The IRS will next accept nominations for IRSAC in spring 2021.

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