OPR Webinar Information


The Office of Professional Responsibility (OPR) engages in significant outreach activities with external stakeholders, such as attorneys, Certified Public Accountants, Enrolled Agents, and other tax professionals. These outreach events focus on the professional responsibilities and standards practitioners are expected to meet when practicing before the IRS, as well as topics of interest to tax professionals (e.g., Tax Pro Account, Powers of Attorney, etc.).

The following OPR webinars are available for viewing:

The OPR gave the following presentations at the IRS Nationwide Tax Forms:

  • Professional Responsibility Obligations when Practicing before the IRS: OPR and Circular 230 (2021)

    This seminar will introduce Circular 230 and the Office of Professional Responsibility (OPR), define who is a practitioner and practitioner obligations to the client and the IRS, and highlight key provisions of Circular 230 to include due diligence, competency, best practices regarding recordkeeping and data security, and personal tax compliance.
  • Common Issues Presented to OPR and Best Practices to Address Them (2021)

    This seminar will provide an overview of common practice issues that come before the Office of Professional Responsibility such as conflicts of interest, lack of due diligence, failure to meet standards, and incompetence and disreputable conduct arising from handling clients' federal tax matters, discussing best practices to avoid these issues, and how practitioners can identify, explain, and address these issues.