Presentations from the 2018 IRS Nationwide Tax Forums


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Advocating for Your Client in Cases Involving Charitable Contribution Deduction Issues PDF

Advocating for Your Uniformed Client — Military Tax Issues PDF

Advocating in Liability Cases Using IRS Innocent Spouse Provisions  PDF

Automated Underreporter  PDF

Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency – An Introduction and the Related Tax Consequences of Buying, Holding and Selling  PDF

Choosing the Right Retirement Plan  PDF

Circular 230: Diligence in Tax Practice  PDF

Collection Issues  PDF

Cybersecurity for Tax Professionals  PDF

Data Compromises — It’s Not a Matter of “If” but “When” PDF  

Enhancing the Tax Pro Experience: Navigating the IRS with Communications and Liaison  PDF

Get Ready for the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act New Due Diligence Requirements  PDF

Highlights of Tax Changes from a Tax Forms Perspective  PDF

Home Sweet Tax Shelter  PDF

Identity Theft Victim Assistance: How It Works for You and Your Client  PDF

Nonresident Aliens (NRAs) and U.S. Real Estate Investments  PDF

Partnership Schedule K-1 — What You Need to Know in Light of The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act  PDF

Passport Certification  PDF

Payroll Pointers for Filers of Forms W-2/W-3  PDF

Pros and Cons of Full Expensing and Section 179 Under the New Tax Law  PDF

Representing the Taxpayer without Records, How and When Can a Preparer Use Taxpayer Estimates and Reconstructions to Prepare a Return  PDF

S Corporation Hot Spots — What You Need to Know in Light of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act  PDF

S Corporation Shareholder Basis  PDF

Security and e-Services — How to Protect Your EFIN, PTIN and CAF Number  PDF

Tackling the Tough Issues of the Sole Proprietorship  PDF

Tax Practice Quality Review: How to Work a Quality Practice without the Practice Working You  PDF

Tax Professionals — A Compliance Overview  PDF

Tax Reform Highlights for Employers  PDF

Tax Reform Highlights for Small Businesses and Pass Through Entities  PDF

The Tax Professional’s Guide to Understanding the Importance of Properly Substantiating Business Expense Deductions  PDF

TIGTA: Helping You and Your Client Steer Clear of the Latest Frauds, Scams and Swindles  PDF

Twenty Percent Small Business Deduction: How to Calculate Qualified Business Income (QBI) on the 1040  PDF

What Happens in a Collection Appeals Hearing  PDF

What Happens in an Examination Appeals Hearing  PDF 

What is Your Authority for That?  PDF

What Tax Professionals Should Know about Social Security  PDF

Working with Collection — Balance Due Options  PDF

Your Client Owes the IRS — Now What?  PDF