Frequently Asked Question: Returns Filed Per PTIN


How do I view the number of returns I have filed? (updated 2/22/19)

Data is available for all PTIN holders that have a minimum of 50 returns processed under their PTIN in the calendar year. From the Main Menu of your PTIN account, under "Additional Activities," select "View My Summary of Returns Filed."

A chart will display with your numbers. The data is updated weekly and includes only Form 1040 series returns processed through the date specified.

If the number is substantially higher than the number of tax returns you've prepared and you suspect possible misuse of your PTIN, complete Form 14157 PDF Return Preparer Complaint.

If the number is substantially lower than the number of tax returns you've prepared, you need to verify that you are entering your PTIN correctly on returns. The most common cause of this problem is the entry of an incorrect PTIN during tax preparation software set up.