IRS University At-a-Glance


IRS University drives efficiency, effectiveness and agility in our workforce. We lead the design and development of strategic curricula to train and evaluate all employees in delivering consistent, high-quality service to taxpayers.


Our mission is to streamline and improve the training processes and experience to ensure consistent skill development and evaluation of IRS employees.

IRS University serves as a modern, centralized learning organization that leverages innovation and the latest technologies to ensure that:

  • Training programs and curricula are designed for each occupational level and job series
  • Completion of training is reliable, legally defensible and highly predictive of successful job performance


Our vision is to establish a community of internal and external stakeholders that helps ensure that IRS develops leading-edge training programs. These programs will provide IRS employees with a solid knowledge base from their start of service and throughout their careers.


In 2019, Congress passed the Taxpayer First Act (TFA), enabling the IRS to make sweeping changes to improve the quality and consistency of services. The act specifically calls for the agency to streamline training processes, improve the training experience and ensure consistency of skill development and evaluation.

In 2021, to address these mandates, the Human Capital Office (HCO) and key agency resources focused on improvements in learning and development. This included the establishment of IRS University.

IRS University follows a corporate university model, serving as an innovative, centralized learning function within IRS that relies on technology to provide employees with enhanced training experiences. The academy structure is designed to meet the needs of IRS as it transitions to a more taxpayer-centric approach and structure.

Strategic Goals

  • Cultivate a well-equipped, diverse, flexible and engaged workforce
  • Drive increased agility, efficiency, effectiveness and security in IRS operations
  • Advance data access, usability and analytics in training programs to inform decision making and improve operational outcomes

Strategic Project Implementation

Jennifer Daniels, Project Director, IRS University – Human Capital Transformation/Inflation Reduction Act