Office of Equity, Diversity & Inclusion at-a-glance


Fairness and equity are foundational elements of success for any organization. The Office of Equity, Diversity & Inclusion (EDI) provides services and resources to enhance the IRS's ability to achieve its mission.


The EDI Office oversees IRS's compliance with federal legislation, statutory requirements and executive orders, to uphold taxpayer civil rights. EDI fosters workplace equality by ensuring that IRS follows Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) principles throughout the agency.


An equitable, diverse and inclusive Internal Revenue Service with the best and brightest employees fully engaged in fairly administering the tax laws of the United States and providing top-quality service to all taxpayers.

Business case

Leveraging diversity and inclusion is critical to our mission, to our workplace, and to taxpayers. Different perspectives spark creative insights and solutions to better accomplish our mission. Greater engagement of employees from all backgrounds yields greater personal satisfaction and higher levels of productivity. A diverse and inclusive workplace ensures that the IRS not only reflects the population we serve but also better understands and serves all taxpayers' needs.

Key program areas

  • Civil Rights – protecting taxpayer civil rights in federally assisted and federally conducted programs
  • Diversity and Inclusion – integrating diversity and inclusion into all aspect of the IRS's business; managing special emphasis programs and employee organizations and providing proactive conflict resolution and training
  • Equal Employment Operations – protecting the rights of employees and prospective employees, investigating complaints and enforcing compliance with EEO laws
  • Disability Office – administering disability policy, oversight, education and reasonable accommodations and collaborating with IRS business partners to advance the work-life experience of people with disabilities
  • Organization Support – centralized support functions including budget administration, human resources functions, data analysis and reporting, communications, etc.


1111 Constitution Ave, NW
Washington, DC 20224

Executive management

  • Chief Diversity Officer, Carrie Y. Holland

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