Privacy, Governmental Liaison and Disclosure at-a-glance


The security and privacy of taxpayer and employee information is one of the IRS's highest priorities. Privacy, Governmental Liaison and Disclosure (PGLD) administers IRS's privacy and records policy and initiatives and coordinates privacy and records-related actions throughout the IRS.


To preserve and enhance public confidence by advocating for the protection and proper use of identity information.


In our commitment to ensuring that your personal information, such as your name and Social Security number and tax information are protected from unauthorized access, we:

  • Identify and remove threats to privacy of personally identifiable information and increases awareness of criminal activities aimed at compromising your private information.
  • Lead IRS's privacy and records policies, coordinates privacy protection guidance and activities and promotes data protection awareness throughout the IRS.
  • Ensure information systems used by other federal, state and local agencies meet the highest standards for protecting your personal tax information from unauthorized access, disruption and modification.
  • Ensure IRS appropriately and effectively administers programs that protect employees by identifying potentially dangerous taxpayers and individuals who should be approached with caution.


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