By law, the National Taxpayer Advocate must submit two reports to Congress each year.

National Taxpayer Advocate's Objectives Report

The first report (Objectives Report), delivered each June, contains the goals and activities planned by the Taxpayer Advocate for the coming year.

National Taxpayer Advocate's Reports to Congress

The second report (Annual Report), delivered at the end of December, includes: A summary of the 10 most serious problems encountered by taxpayers (beginning with the 2019 report); recommendations for solving those problems; and other IRS efforts to improve customer service and reduce taxpayer burden.

Annual Report to Congress Report Cards

These documents list the recommendations proposed by the National Taxpayer Advocate in each Annual Report to Congress, along with the IRS response to each recommendation and TAS's assessment of the IRS's actions.

Congressional District Statistics

TAS produces taxpayer statistics summaries annually for each Congressional District. Each state is listed on a separate sheet containing state totals followed by a breakdown for each congressional district. The totals are stratified by income levels listed at the top of each sheet.

Taxpayer Bill of Rights

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