Periodic Certification Types


The system suggested a certification type based on the current FATCA classification and country/jurisdiction of tax residence in the registration system.  However, you indicated that the certification suggested by the system is not applicable.

Select the appropriate certification type  based on your FATCA classification and the country/jurisdiction of tax residence.  The possible certification types are:

  1. Participating Foreign Financial Institution (Including Reporting Model 2 FFIs)
  2. Consolidated Compliance Group
  3. Registered Deemed-Compliant FFIs – Local FFI
  4. Registered Deemed-Compliant FFIs – Nonreporting Member of PFFI
  5. Registered Deemed-Compliant FFIs – Qualified Collective Investment Vehicle
  6.  Registered Deemed-Compliant FFIs – Qualified Credit Card Issuer or Servicer
  7. Registered Deemed-Compliant FFIs – Restricted Funds
  8. Sponsoring Entity of Sponsored FFI
  9. Sponsoring Entity of Sponsored Direct Reporting NFFEs
  10. Sponsoring Entity of Sponsored FFI and Sponsored Direct Reporting NFFEs
  11. Trustee Documented Trusts
  12. Direct Reporting NFFEs

Note that the system will display only the types of certifications available to you based on your FI type.