FATCA XML Reporting Schema to Correct, Amend and Void Records


The FATCA XML Reporting Schema v2.0 accepts record level updates to correct, amend or void an electronically filed Form 8966, FATCA Report. A record consists of data from the (1) AccountReport or PoolReport element and (2) the ReportingFI or ReportingGroup, including any Sponsor or Intermediary.  
The schema contains correctable data types that allow you to update specific parts of the report without resending the entire report. Each correctable data type contains a DocSpec element that includes unique identifiers, such as a CorrMessageRefID and CorrDocRefID . These elements ensure all updates can be traced to a previous report. Review Publication 5124, FATCA XML Schema v2.0 User Guide PDFfor more information.  

How to Correct, Amend or Void Records

The tables below summarize general guidelines to void, amend or void a record. You should update each data elements as described. Also review the Correct, Amend or Void Records Samples files for more information.

Metadata file




Enter "false"


Leave blank

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MessageSpec element:




Create a new unique value for the corrected, amended or voided message


List one or many MessageRefId from the original message.  If sending a corrected file, the MessageRefId is shown in the notification.

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DocSpec element :

Element Description


Enter FATCA2, FATCA3 or FATCA4 to specify a change to each record.

A file should contain only one data type. Do not combine data types into one file. For example, many corrections from different messages can be combined into one file, but do not combine voided and amended records into one file.


Generate a new unique value using <ReportingGIIN>.<Value> format.


Enter the MessageRefId from the original transmission. This field may also reference the latest corrected, voided or amended message.

The CorrMessageRefId identifies a previous message to be amended, corrected or voided.


Enter the DocRefId associated with the record in the message referenced in CorrMessageRefId. This field may also reference the latest corrected, voided or amended message.

The CorrDocRefId identifies a previously filed record to be amended, corrected or voided. Use the same DocRefId format.

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