Financial Institution's FATCA Classification


Select your FATCA classification in your country of tax residence.  Only one classification may be selected. For purposes of the certification, the FATCA classification should match the classification you selected on question 4 of the registration (line 4 of Form 8957, FATCA Registration).

If you are Reporting FI under a Model 1 IGA, select "Reporting Financial Institution under a Model 1 IGA."

If you are a Nonreporting FI registering pursuant to an applicable Model 1 or Model 2 IGA, select the Registered Deemed-Compliant FFI category that most closely matches the category in Annex II of the applicable IGA for which you qualify.

If you are the Sponsoring Entity of both one or more Sponsored FFIs and one or more Sponsored Direct Reporting NFFEs, select "Sponsoring Entity of Sponsored FFIs and Sponsored Direct Reporting NFFEs."

If you are a trustee of a Trustee-Documented Trust, select "Trustee-Documented Trust."

Note: FIs with branches in multiple jurisdictions. An FI (other than a sponsoring entity, USFI, or foreign branch of a USFI) that maintains branch operations in multiple jurisdictions should answer this question by treating the operations within its country or jurisdiction of tax residence as if it were a branch (home office) and then classify whether such home office is participating or registered deemed compliant. On Question 9a of the registration form, the FI should identify the jurisdictions (other than the United States) where it maintains branches outside of its country or jurisdiction, other than where the FI maintains related branches. If the FI maintains branches in the United States, the FI should provide this information for Question 8.

See instructions to Form 8957 for definition of each FATCA classification.