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Employee's Withholding Allowance Certificate
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Acknowledgement File Questions

If your 4030 file is successfully processed, the following files will be returned:

  • 997.EDI  (a file in edi format that  acknowledges your transmission)
  • 151. EDI  (a file in edi format that acknowledges the receipt and acceptance of your file, and any errors)
  • 151.TXT (a file in text format that acknowledges the receipt and acceptance of your file, and any errors)
  • TIR .TXT ( a file in text format that provides the terminal inventory report for each product code and each terminal)

What to do if You Don’t Receive the Acknowledgement Files After Submitting Your 4030 File

If you have not received a 997 acknowledgement within 2 business days of filing, IRS has not received your file, or the acknowledgments were lost in transmission. Contact the EDI Help Desk at 216-898-6432 for assistance. THIS PHONE NUMBER IS FOR MOTOR FUEL EXCISE TAX QUESTIONS ONLY. You must resubmit your file as an original.

The TIR.txt file

TIR.txt is the terminal inventory report and will show, for every terminal and product code combination, the following:
"Filer ID","Period End Date","TCN","Prod Code","Begin Inv","Receipts","Disbursements","Submit G/L","Ending Inv","Calc G/L","Out of Bal?"

"0560xxxxxx","20060331","T22VA1234","065","2965683","5908280","6561894","1026","2313095", "1027",", “**”

Where - "0560xxxxxx"  = your EIN (with a leading zero)
"20060331" – Period end date of the data
"T22VA1234" – The TCN being reported
"065" – The Product code being reported
"2965683" – Beginning Inventory
"5908280" –Total receipts reported
"6561894" – Total disbursements reported
"1026" – Gain (or –loss) reported
"2313095" – Ending inventory reported
"1027" – Gain (or –loss) calculated by the system
"**" – Out of balance flag

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