Automatic Exemption Revocation for Non-Filing: Action Required by Organization with Documentation That It Filed


If an organization on the Auto-Revocation List has documentation that it met its filing requirement for one or more years during the three year period, what should it do?

An organization possessing documentation (an IRS receipt for a filed return, for example) that shows it has not failed to file for three consecutive years should contact Customer Account Services, or send the documentation directly to the Exempt Organizations Account Unit:

By Mail: Due to the pandemic, processing of paper mail remains longer than usual.  Alternatively, please use the fax number below.

Internal Revenue Service
1973 North Rulon White Blvd.
M/S 6552
Ogden, UT 84404

By Fax:


If the organization submits documentation that it met its Form 990-series filing requirement for one or more of the years during the three-year period, the IRS will remove your name from the Auto-Revocation List.

Note: The fax number above is dedicated for use to resolve the erroneous revocation issue described. Do not submit correspondence on other topics to this fax number.