Life Cycle of a Public Charity - Significant Events


In addition to periodic reporting, a section 501(c)(3) organization may interact with the Internal Revenue Service at key times during its life cycle.

Reporting Changes to the IRS

An exempt organization that is required to file an annual return must report name, address, and structural and operational changes on its return.  Regardless of whether an organization files an annual return, it may also report these changes to the EO Determinations Office; however, such reporting does not relieve the organization from reporting the changes on its annual return.

Private Letter Rulings and Determination Letters

You may want to seek a private letter ruling or determination letter on the tax consequences of material changes in your structure or activities.


In addition, the IRS may audit a section 501(c)(3) organization to ensure that it is complying with the requirements for exemption and paying required taxes.

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