IRS-CI announces selection of field office leaders for 5 agency offices


Date: May 1, 2023


WASHINGTON — IRS Criminal Investigation (IRS-CI) Chief Jim Lee announced Thursday the appointment of new special agents in charge (SAC) to lead five of the agency's field offices. The selectees are longtime agency leaders who have a combined 104 years of career experience with IRS-CI.

"I am very proud to announce the newest additions to IRS-CI's leadership cadre. They bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table, as well as the energy and drive to elevate IRS-CI's enforcement efforts to the next level," said Chief Lee. "I look forward to seeing our new SACs carry on the IRS-CI tradition of outstanding leadership and service to American taxpayers."

SACs are at the helm of each of IRS-CI's 20 field offices. They plan, direct, and evaluate the activities of hundreds of special agents and support personnel in furtherance of tax and other financial crime investigations within a specified geographic area of responsibility.

SAC selectees include:

SAC Harry Chavis – Boston, Massachusetts, Field Office

Harry Chavis began his IRS-CI career in 2001 as a special agent in the Atlanta Field Office. In 2011, he was assigned to headquarters and worked as a senior analyst in Security and Technical Operations (STO). He went on to become the acting director of STO, and then a supervisory special agent (SSA) for the IRS Commissioner's Protection Detail. In 2018, Chavis became an SSA in the New York Field Office. In 2019, Chavis served as acting assistant special agent in charge (ASAC) of the Chicago Field Office before serving again as a senior analyst in Financial Crimes at IRS-CI headquarters. In 2020, he was selected as an ASAC in the Washington, D.C., Field Office. Most recently, Chavis has served as acting director of Financial Crimes within the agency's Global Operations Policy and Support Section. He graduated from Radford University in 2001 with a bachelor's degree in accounting.

SAC Tom Murdock – St. Louis, Missouri, Field Office

Tom Murdock started his career with IRS-CI in 2002 as a special agent in the Los Angeles Field Office. In 2009, Murdock became a basic training instructor at the National Criminal Investigation Training Academy (NCITA) and then an instructor for the International Training Team. Murdock joined the management ranks in 2014 as an SSA in the Tampa Field Office, and in 2019, became an ASAC in the Seattle Field Office. In 2021, he joined the headquarters team, first as assistant director of Special Investigative Techniques and then as the director of Financial Crimes. Murdock has been the acting SAC of the St. Louis Field Office since October 2022. He holds bachelor's and master's degrees in economics from Florida Atlantic University.

SAC Adam Jobes – Seattle, Washington, Field Office

Adam Jobes began his career in the St. Louis Field Office in 2002. From 2011 to 2015, he was an SSA in Lee's Summit, Missouri. Jobes then served as an attaché in Barbados for approximately three years. From 2019 to 2021, he served as resident agent in charge (RAC) of Refund Crimes. Prior to his new appointment, Jobes served as an ASAC in the Seattle Field Office since 2021. He graduated from Missouri Western University in 1998 with a bachelor's degree in accounting.

SAC Tammy Tomlins – Newark, New Jersey, Field Office

Tammy Tomlins started her IRS-CI career with the Tampa Field Office in 2001. In 2015, Tomlins was selected as an SSA in St. Petersburg, Florida. In October 2018, she reported to IRS-CI Headquarters as a senior analyst with International Operations and Special Investigative Techniques. Tomlins was then promoted to ASAC of Branch C in the New York Field Office in 2020 and currently serves as acting special agent in charge of the Newark Field Office. Tomlins has a bachelor's degree in accounting from the University of South Florida and a master's degree in public administration from Central Michigan University.

SAC Charles Miller – Detroit, Michigan, Field Office

Charles Miller began his career with IRS-CI I in 2005 as a special agent in the Merrillville, Indiana, office. In 2012, Miller was promoted and served as an SSA in Roanoke, Virginia, for the Washington, D.C., Field Office. In 2015, Miller became a headquarters senior analyst in Planning, Research & Analysis. In 2016, he was promoted to RAC. In 2021, he became acting director of Refund and Cyber Crimes. Miller then returned to the Midwest and was appointed as an ASAC in the St. Louis Field Office. Miller has been acting SAC of the Detroit Field Office since October 2022. He graduated in 2002 from Weber State University in Ogden, Utah, with a bachelor's degree in accounting.

IRS-CI is the criminal investigative arm of the IRS, responsible for conducting financial crime investigations, including tax fraud, narcotics trafficking, money-laundering, public corruption, healthcare fraud, identity theft and more. IRS-CI special agents are the only federal law enforcement agents with investigative jurisdiction over violations of the Internal Revenue Code, boasting a more than 90 percent federal conviction rate. The agency has 20 field offices located across the U.S. and 12 attaché posts abroad.