Don't Take The Bait

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As part of the Security Summit effort, the IRS, state tax agencies and the tax industry are holding an education series called “Don’t Take the Bait.”The series, which is part of  the Protect Your Clients, Protect Yourself campaign, focused on raising awareness of the critical need for tax professionals to increase their computer security and be cautious when reviewing their inbox – specifically the successful email scams dubbed spear phishing that identify themselves as a friend, customer or company. Tax professionals must remember that they have not just an obligation but a legal requirement under federal law to protect taxpayer information. 

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News Releases

  • IR-2017-117, Security Summit Launches Education Campaign Aimed at Tax Pros; Warns Against Phishing Epidemic with “Don’t Take the Bait” series
  • IR-2017-119, Don’t Take the Bait, Step 1: Avoid Spear Phishing Emails
  • IR-2017-120, Don’t Take the Bait, Step 2: Be Alert to Account Takeover Tactics
  • IR-2017-123, Don’t Take the Bait, Step 3: Security Summit Safeguards Help Protect Individuals; Renew Focus on Curbing Data Breaches and Business Identity Theft
  • IR-2017-125, Don’t Take the Bait, Step 4: Defend against Ransomware
  • IR-2017-127, Don’t Take the Bait, Step 5: Prevent Remote Access Takeover Attacks
  • IR-2017-130, Don’t Take the Bait, Step 6: Watch Out for the W-2 Email Scam
  • IR-2017-132, Don’t Take the Bait, Step 7: Protect e-Services Accounts, EFINs
  • IR-2017-136, Don’t Take the Bait, Step 8: How to Start Protecting Clients, Businesses from Cybersecurity Threats
  • IR-2017-144, Don’t Take the Bait, Step 9: Make Data Security an Everyday Priority; Key Steps Can Help
  • IR-2017-152, Don’t Take the Bait, Step 10: Steps for Tax Pros with Data Incidents; Tips to Help Protect Clients, Taxpayers

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