I filed electronically and my tax return was rejected. What do I do now?

There must be an error on your tax return. Please review the following:

  • You should receive an explanation of why your return was rejected.
  • If you made a mistake in entering a social security number, a payer's identification number, omitted a form, or misspelled a name, you can correct these errors and electronically file your tax return again.
  • Unfortunately, there are other errors that will cause you to have to file your return by mail.
  • To timely file a paper return after an electronic return was rejected, your paper return must be postmarked by the later of the due date of the return (including extensions) or 10 calendar days after the date the IRS gives notification that it has rejected your electronic return.
  • If you have further questions, call us at 800-829-1040 (see Telephone Assistance for hours of operation).
  • For general information about e-file, refer to Electronic Filing Options for Individuals.