About Form 1118, Foreign Tax Credit - Corporations


Corporations use this form to compute their foreign tax credit for certain taxes paid or accrued to foreign countries or U.S. possessions.

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Use Schedule I (Form 1118), (a separate schedule) to compute reductions of taxes paid, accrued, or deemed paid on foreign oil and gas income.

Schedule I (Form 1118)PDF

Use Schedule J (Form 1118), (a separate schedule) to compute adjustments to separate limitation income or losses in determining the numerators of limitation fractions, year-end recharacterization balances, and overall foreign and domestic loss account balances

Schedule J (Form 1118)PDF

Instructions for Schedule J (Form 1118)

Corporations claiming foreign tax credit use this schedule to compute adjustments to separate limitation income (losses) and year-end account balances.

Schedule K (Form 1118)PDF 

Instructions for Schedule K (Form 1118)

Use Schedule L (Form 1118), (a separate schedule) to report foreign tax redeterminations that occurred in the current taxable year and that relate to prior taxable years. 

Schedule L (Form 1118)PDF 

Instructions for Schedule L (Form 1118)

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