Downloading IRS eBooks to your device


Apple iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch

There are several ways to download ePubs to your Apple device:

  • Click on the product link and your device will ask you what application you want to open the file with. If you select iBooks, it will automatically add the eBook to your iBooks library and open the file.
  • Download ePub files on your Mac or PC. Add them to your iTunes library choosing File > Add to Library, or drag the ePub file to the iBooks library on your computer. To add the eBooks to your device, sync your device.
  • Download ePub files to your Mac or PC and email them to your device. When you select the attachment, your device will ask if you want to open it in iBooks.

Barnes & Noble Nook

Search Questions about Nook on the Nook support page for "side-load" and select the instructions specific to your device/app. Note: IRS eBooks have not been tested with Nook readers.

Amazon Kindle

IRS eBooks are only available in the ePub format. ePub is a standard developed and maintained by the International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF) and is viewable with many popular eReaders. ePub eBooks are not natively supported on Kindle devices but there are several ePub reader applications available from the Amazon App store for Kindle tablets.

Other Devices

Consult the instructions provided by your device manufacturer/app developer for "side loading" the eBook to your eReader.