Revised 2021 Publication 970, Tax Benefits for Education


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If you viewed the 2021 Publication 970 before February 15, 2022, please be advised that chapter 1 has been revised to replace "Reminder" text with the following text under "What's New."

Individual retirement arrangements (IRAs). You can set up and make contributions to an IRA if you receive taxable compensation. A scholarship or fellowship grant is generally taxable compensation only if it is shown in box 1 of your Form W-2, Wage and Tax Statement. However, for tax years beginning after 2019, certain non-tuition fellowship and stipend payments not reported to you on Form W-2 are treated as taxable compensation for IRA purposes. These include amounts paid to you to aid you in the pursuit of graduate or postdoctoral study and included in your gross income under the rules discussed in this chapter. Taxable amounts not reported to you on Form W-2 are generally included in gross income as discussed later under Reporting Scholarships and Fellowship Grants. For more information about IRAs, see Pub. 590-A and Pub. 590-B.