FAQs for Indian Tribal Governments regarding Office of Foreign Asset Control (OFAC) Requirements


These frequently asked questions and answers are provided for general information only and should not be cited as any type of legal authority. They are designed to provide the user with information required to respond to general inquiries. Due to the uniqueness and complexities of Indian law and Federal tax law, it is imperative to ensure a full understanding of the specific question presented, and to perform the requisite research to ensure a correct response is provided.

  1. What is OFAC and what does it do?
  2. Are Tribal Casinos subject to OFAC jurisdiction?
  3. What is "blocking?"
  4. Who must comply with OFAC regulations?
  5. What is meant by rejecting a transaction? When should a transaction be rejected rather than blocked?
  6. Is there a requirement for annual reporting of blocked property? Is there a required format?