Tax-Exempt and Government Entities - Annual Priority & Program Letters

Tax Exempt and Government Entities Fiscal Year 2018 Accomplishments Letter contains TE/GE’s contributions to the tax administration system during this fiscal year. The Letter lists each TE/GE function’s accomplishments under the six portfolio programs of our compliance program.

Tax Exempt and Government Entities Fiscal Year 2019 Program Letter explains TE/GE’s compliance program consisting of:

  1. Compliance strategies
  2. Data-driven approaches
  3. Referrals, claims and other casework
  4. Compliance contacts
  5. Determinations 
  6. Voluntary compliance and other technical programs 

This Program Letter (referred to as a Work Plan or Priority Letter in prior fiscal years) outlines TE/GE’s commitment to improving customer experience and reducing taxpayer burden, while cultivating a strong work force.

Prior Fiscal Years’ Work Plans, Accomplishments, Priorities and Program Letters