Understanding your CP01 notice

What this notice is about

We verified your claim of identity theft and have placed an indicator on your account. We’ll monitor your tax account for activity to help prevent future fraud.

What you need to do

We don’t require any additional actions on your part. Please continue to file your tax returns timely.

You may want to

  • Review the IRS’s Identity protection page for more information.
  • Review the Federal Trade Commission’s (FTC) website, IdentityTheft.gov.
  • Monitor all your personal financial accounts.
  • Monitor your credit report for suspicious or unauthorized activities.
  • You or an authorized third party may request a redacted copy (one with some information blacked-out) of the fraudulent return that was filed and accepted by the IRS using your name and SSN. For more information search copy return.
  • In addition to protecting your own personally identifiable information (PII), your dependent’s information could be compromised. If your dependent’s PII was compromised, file a complaint with the FTC at IdentityTheft.gov and receive step-by-step guidance. If internet access is not an option, you can call the FTC at 877-438-4338; TTY: 866-653-4261.

Frequently asked questions

What effect does the Identity Theft Indicator have on my account?

The indicator has no effect on your ability to file your tax return, make payments, or receive a refund.

How long does the indicator remain on my account?

The indicator will remain on your tax account to protect it because you were a victim of identity theft, unless you specifically request that we remove it.

What happens if someone else uses my SSN to file a fraudulent tax return?

The indicator we placed on your account will alert us to perform research to make sure a tax return filed with your SSN is valid. If we find the tax return to be invalid, we won't process it.

Who should I contact if I have more questions about my account related to identity theft?

Call 800-908-4490 for specialized assistance regarding identity theft related to your account. You can also find the number on your notice. For all other tax account related questions, visit our Online tools and resources page or call 800-829-1040.

Where can I find more information on preventing identity theft?

The FTC is responsible for providing support and guidance regarding consumer protection

Tips for next year

File your return as you normally would. If we find someone attempting to use your SSN to file a tax return, we’ll notify you.

How to get help