Understanding your CP080 notice


What this notice is about

We credited payments and/or other credits to your tax account for the form and tax period shown on your notice. However, we haven't received your tax return.

What you need to do

If you are required to file this tax return, please file today. Send your signed tax return to the address shown on the top of this notice.

Frequently asked questions

What if I have already filed this return?

  • Please send a newly signed copy to the address shown on the top of your notice.
  • Due to processing delays for 2019 and 2020 tax returns, the issuance of CP80 and CP080 (Unfiled Tax Return – Credit on Account) notices has been suspended. If you received a notice for your 2019 return and you filed timely, please refile the return. If you received a notice for your 2020 return DO NOT refile.

What if I want the credit transferred to another tax form, tax period or tax identification number?

Please call us at 800-829-8374 to give us details of the account to which the credit should be transferred.

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