Understanding Your CP209 Notice

What This Notice Is About

CP 209 generates when two employer identification numbers (EINs) are consolidated in our records.

What You Need To Do

  • Continue using the EIN designated as your valid EIN.
  • Include a copy of your CP209 when you respond to any IRS notices/letters.
  • Enter your name exactly as shown above on all filings.

You May Want To

  • Ensure the valid EIN is entered correctly on all filings with the IRS
  • See additional information on Employer ID Numbers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have the payments I made and returns I filed under the incorrect EIN been moved to the valid EIN?

Yes, your valid EIN contains the history of the erroneously assigned EIN.

Tips For Next Year

  • Ensure your EIN is entered correctly on all filings with the IRS.

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The notice you have may have different information relevant to your tax situation.

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