Understanding your CP248 notice


What this notice is about

We issue this notice when you didn't make a federal tax deposit (FTD) through the Electronic Federal Tax Payment System (EFTPS).

What you need to do

  • Review your tax records for the deposits you made during the tax period.
  • Determine why you made your deposits incorrectly.
  • Make all future FTDs electronically.

You may want to

Frequently asked questions

How do I enroll in EFTPS?

If you're a new business that indicated a likely federal tax deposit liability when you applied for your EIN, you're pre-enrolled. You should have received a letter with your four-digit EFTPS® PIN. If you didn't, call 800-555-4477.

To activate your enrollment so you can make payments using this service, call 800-555-3453. You'll be asked to enter your EIN, PIN, banking information, and a contact phone number. You'll receive your 18-digit enrollment number, which can be used in creating your Internet password. As soon as you finish the call successfully, you can begin scheduling payments.

If you want to make payments as an individual taxpayer or for a business that wasn't pre-enrolled, sign up for Enrollment and follow the instructions through the EFTPS website. In five to seven days after you submit the enrollment, you'll receive your PIN and enrollment number via U.S. mail.

Where can I find more information about deposit requirements?

Refer to Publication 15, (Circular E), Employer's Tax GuidePDF, for more information on "Depositing Taxes".

Tips for next year

Make all FTDs electronically with EFTPS.

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