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Understanding Your CP301 Notice

We sent you this notice to confirm that you registered for an IRS online services account or because it contains the activation code you requested.

You need to take an additional action if you didn't initiate this registration or if you requested an activation code to complete registration.

What you need to do

  • If you didn't initiate this registration when accessing one of our online services, contact the IRS helpdesk immediately at the number on your notice to disable your online account.
  • If you requested an activation code by mail, to complete your registration you must:
    • Log into the online service with your username and password.
    • Enter the activation code from your notice
    • Set up a mobile device to receive a security code each time you log in.  This can be done via SMS text with a US-based mobile phone, or via the IRS2Go mobile application.
  • If you initiated this registration, you may use the online service:
    • Use your username and password each time you log in.
    • Have your mobile device accessible if the service you accessed requires a one-time security code each time you log in.
    • Make sure you recognize your site image and site phrase each time you log in.
    • Review your recent account activity each time you log in and contact the IRS Help desk immediately at the number on your notice if you find suspicious activity.
    • Keep your registration profile data current. We'll send you a confirmation email each time you update your profile.

  • Answers to common questions

    What happens if someone else used my personal information to register online at IRS?
    If you didn't initiate this registration, immediately contact the IRS Help desk at the number on your notice. Once we verify your identity, we’ll disable your online account.

    I forgot my username and password I created online. Can I still use the system?
    Yes. Access the online service and choose “forgot username or password” during the login process.


  • Where can I find more information about the registration process?
    See Secure Access: How to Register for Certain Online Self-Help Tools for more details.




    Reading your notice

  • Your notice may look different from the sample because the information contained in your notice is tailored to your situation.

Printable samples of this notice (PDF)

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