Understanding Your letter 3164

What this letter is about

We plan to contact third parties about your tax liability, such as a neighbor, a bank, an employer, or employees.

You may want to

  • Respond to any outstanding requests for information.
  • Contact us if you have questions.

Frequently asked questions

What type of information will you share with third parties?

We generally share limited information, such as your name. The law prevents us from disclosing more information than needed to obtain or verify information.

How long will you be contacting third parties?

The timeframe is on your letter, but not more than one year.

How will I know who you contact?

You can request a list of our contacts at any time. The list will include names of third parties we contacted, except any exempt from reporting requirements, or those fearing reprisal. You can request a list orally or in writing by contacting the person shown on your letter.

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