Instructions for Forms 1099-SA and 5498-SA - Introductory Material

Future Developments

For the latest information about developments related to Forms 1099-SA and 5498-SA and their instructions, such as legislation enacted after they were published, go to and

What's New

Online fillable form.   Due to the very low volume of paper Forms 1099-SA and 5498-SA received and processed by the IRS each year, these forms have been converted to an online fillable format. You may fill out the forms, found online at and, and send Copy B to the recipient. For filing with the IRS, follow your usual procedures for filing electronically if you are filing 250 or more forms. If you are filing these forms on paper due to a low volume of recipients, for these forms only, you may send in the black and white Copy A with Forms 1096 that you print from the IRS website.


General instructions.   In addition to these specific instructions, you should also use the 2016 General Instructions for Certain Information Returns. Those general instructions include information about the following topics.
  • Who must file (nominee/middleman).

  • When and where to file.

  • Electronic reporting requirements.

  • Corrected and void returns.

  • Statements to recipients.

  • Taxpayer identification numbers.

  • Backup withholding.

  • Penalties.

  • Other general topics.

  You can get the general instructions from and

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