1.14.2 Supply Purchasing Program

Manual Transmittal

August 22, 2016


(1) This transmits the revised IRM 1.14.2, Supply Purchasing Program, which addresses operations of the Office Supply Program, within Facilities Management and Security Services (FMSS).

Material Changes

(1) On October 1, 2014, Real Estate and Facilities Management (REFM) merged with Physical Security and Emergency Preparedness (PSEP) to create FMSS. This IRM was updated to reflect current organizational titles.

(2) Editorial changes were made throughout the IRM.

(3) Flexiplace Cabinets has been removed because they are no longer a part of the supply program. For information on ordering cabinets for telework (formerly called Flexiplace), visit the Project Management website: http://awss.web.irs.gov/FMSS/ProjMgmt/PM-index.html.

(4) Excess Office Supplies moved to

Effect on Other Documents

This IRM supersedes IRM 1.14.2, Supply Purchasing Program, dated July 1, 2012.



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IRM 1.14.4, Personal Property Management

Steven M. Artise
Acting Director
Facilities Management and Security Services
Agency-Wide Shared Services

Overview of the Supply Purchasing Program

  1. The Supply Purchasing Program provides guidance for ordering office supplies. The term "office supplies" includes consumable desktop products typically found in an office supply cabinet as well as consumable computer and printer supplies.

Federal Strategic Sourcing Initiative for Office Supplies (FSSI OS)

  1. The Office of Management and Budget (OMB) has mandated that all federal agencies reduce their procurement expenditures. To support federal agencies in this initiative, General Services Administration (GSA) has established a government-wide strategic sourcing strategy for the purchase of office supply products and commodities under the FSSI OS. This initiative is projected to assist the Administration in achieving the goal of reducing federal procurement spending by $40 billion a year.

  2. The overall goal of the FSSI OS is to offer agencies a fast and effective way to order office supplies and commodities at greater discounted prices, with prompt and cost-effective delivery, and quality customer service.

  3. Beginning in December 2011, IRS adopted the FSSI OS as the primary method to order office supplies. The supply purchasing process includes ordering, receiving, and accounting for consumable supply items.


  1. Regulatory requirements for implementing the supply purchasing program include:

    1. Federal Management Regulation (FMR) 102-36.35, Disposition of Excess Personal Property

    2. Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR) Part 8 "Required Sources of Supplies and Services" https://www.acquisition.gov/?q=/browse/far/8

    3. Javits-Wagner-O’Day Act (JWOD), (41 United States Code (USC) 8501-8506)) http://www.abilityone.gov/laws_and_regulations/jwod.html

    4. Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (42 USC 6901) https://www.gpo.gov/fdsys/pkg/USCODE-2010-title42/pdf/USCODE-2010-title42-chap82.pdf

  2. IRS requirements include the following:

    1. IRS Procurement Policy No. 8.4, Limited-Sources Justification for Federal Supply Schedule Orders, http://awss.web.irs.gov/Procurement/policy/pandp/pp8-4.pdf

    2. Internal Revenue Service Acquisition Procedures, (IRSAP) 1003.9000, Policy (Separation of Duties and Management Controls), http://awss.web.irs.gov/Procurement/policy/docs/irsap.doc

    3. Internal Revenue Service Acquisition Procedures, (IRSAP)1003.9001, Exceptions, http://awss.web.irs.gov/Procurement/policy/docs/irsap.doc

    4. IRS Procurement Policy No. 19.1, Small Business Program Review Requirements, http://awss.web.irs.gov/Procurement/policy/pandp/pp19-1.pdf

    5. IRS Procurement Policy No. 23.1, Buying Green, http://awss.web.irs.gov/Procurement/policy/pandp/pp23-1.pdf

    6. IRS Procurement Policy No. 70-11, Restricted Purchase List, http://awss.web.irs.gov/Procurement/policy/restricted_purch_lst.shtml

    7. IRS Purchase Card Guide, Document 9185, http://erc.web.irs.gov/docs/2002/awss/cs/erclinks/pc_guide.pdf

    8. IRS FSSI OS Supply Program Desk Guide, http://awss.web.irs.gov/FMSS/Supplies/supplies-index.html

FSSI OS Overview

  1. The FSSI OS supply purchasing program allows IRS customers to:

    1. order general office products online, by email or by telephone.

    2. receive management information reports.

    3. receive products from AbilityOne, as prescribed by the JWOD.

    4. order and receive environmentally sustainable products.

    5. anticipate 24 hour delivery time.

  2. Under FSSI OS, GSA has established Blanket Purchase Agreements (BPA) with several vendors in three pools as multiple-awards under the GSA Federal Supply Schedule 75. IRS will use Office Depot in the FSSI OS. Office Depot is the only vendor that can meet the IRS requirements for next day, secure desktop delivery and the one-day “fill/kill” requirement.

  3. Orders are placed under the FSSI OS BPA using the Government Purchase Card. Supply ordering personnel must comply with relevant IRS Procurement Policies, including those referenced in

  4. The GSA Contracting Officer (CO) is the only person authorized to make or approve any changes to the BPA requirements.


  1. The Director, FMSS and the FMSS Territory Managers (TM) will provide support to all IRS Business Units (BU) for supply activities through the Supply Purchasing Program.

  2. Business Unit Financial Plan Managers will allocate and account for supply funds and assure proper and timely payment to the vendors.

  3. Managers/Supervisors will:

    1. designate purchase cardholders to order supplies from the vendors.

    2. determine that requested items are essential for efficient operation.

    3. approve all orders.

    4. conduct spot checks of orders received.

    5. ensure that supply expenditures do not exceed allocated funds.

  4. IRS Purchase Cardholders will:

    1. guard against wasteful practices.

    2. help ensure that supplies are limited to official use only.

    3. place orders that are in compliance with purchase card guidelines.

  5. All employees are required to conserve and use government supplies economically.

Methods of Ordering Supplies

  1. The preferred options for ordering supplies include online, by phone, or through in-store purchases. All three options allow Purchase Cardholders to receive contract pricing. The order may not exceed the single transaction limit of $3,500 and must not be included on the “Restricted Purchase List” IRS Procurement Policy No. 70-11, Restricted Purchase List,http://awss.web.irs.gov/Procurement/policy/restricted_purch_lst.shtml

  2. Vendor contact information and more detailed ordering procedures are available in the IRS FSSI OS Supply Program Desk Guide, http://awss.web.irs.gov/FMSS/Supplies/supplies-index.html

    1. For purchase cardholders in the 48 contiguous United States, the FSSI OS supply contract with Office Depot is the mandatory first source for purchasing expendable office supplies.
      - Online Website: https://odams.officedepot.com/registrations/irs_welcome.php
      - In Store: Local Office Depot Store
      - Phone Orders: 1-888-454-1814

    2. In the event that an item is out of stock with the contract vendor, the IRS purchase cardholder may then purchase it through GSA Advantage as the secondary source.
      - Online Website: https://www.gsaadvantage.gov/advantage/main/home.do
      - Phone Orders: 1-877-472-3777

    3. If you can’t find the item in either sources, reference FAR, Part 8.

  3. Each office must establish adequate safeguards and controls to ensure that acquisitions and issuance of expendable supplies are made for official use only. Offices may establish additional procedures necessary for effective stock control.

  4. All purchase card transactions must be tracked, as outlined in the Document 9185, IRS Purchase Card Guide, http://core.publish.no.irs.gov/docs/pdf/d9185--2016-07-00.pdf and by other methods that may be specified by the BU and/or Funding Official.

Excess Office Supplies

  1. Under the FMR, 41 CFR 102-36, office supplies are included in the definition of personal property. As with all other personal property, such as furniture or equipment, in the event that excess usable supplies are accumulated, the FMSS Territory Property Officer must be contacted to arrange for transfer to another federal agency, or for donation through GSA. FMSS Territory Property Officer listing: https://portal.ds.irsnet.gov/sites/REFM/LogisticsServices/FMSS_Property_Officers.pdf