Part 1. Organization, Finance, and Management

Table of Contents

1.1 Organization and Staffing
1.2 Servicewide Policies and Authorities
1.4 Resource Guide for Managers
1.5 Managing Statistics in a Balanced Measurement System
1.7 Research and Analysis for Tax Administration
1.10 Office of the Commissioner Internal Revenue
1.11 Internal Management Documents System
1.13 Statistics of Income
1.14 Facilities Management
1.15 Records and Information Management
1.17 Publishing
1.18 Distribution
1.20 Equal Employment Opportunity and Diversity
1.22 Mail and Transportation Management
1.25 Practice Before the Service
1.31 CFO Internal Policy and Procedures
1.32 Servicewide Travel Policies and Procedures
1.33 Strategic Planning, Budgeting and Performance Management Process
1.34 Revenue Accounting
1.35 Financial Accounting
1.36 Administrative Accounting Financial Management Reports
1.53 Small Business/Self-Employed
1.54 TE/GE Division Organization and Management
1.55 Wage and Investment