2.4.4 Command Code MESSG

Manual Transmittal

March 23, 2020


(1) This transmits revised IRM 2.4.4, IDRS Terminal Input, Command Code MESSG.

Material Changes

(1) Added relevant internal controls

(2) IRM reviewed and reflects current procedures

Effect on Other Documents

IRM 2.4.4, dated January 1, 2010, is superseded.


All IDRS users.

Effective Date


Chief Information Officer

Program Scope and Objectives

  1. This section provides specific instructions for IDRS (Integrated Data Retrieval System) Command Code MESSG

  2. Purpose: Instructions on the use of IDRS Command Code MESSG.

  3. Audience: All IDRS users.

  4. Program Owner: Enterprise Operations, Enterprise Server Division

  5. Primary Stakeholders: All IDRS users.

  6. Program Goals: This Command Code displays the contents of the online MESSG file to provide information tor IDRS users.

General Information for CC MESSG

  1. This section provides instructions for the use of the IDRS MESSG command code. MESSG displays the message file.

  2. The message file provides information to all IDRS users. The file can be read by all users; however, only those persons designated may update the file. The message file content and the maximum number of pages on the message file are determined by the campus management.

Terminal Responses for CC MESSG

  1. Valid Responses — Message file content begins to be displayed beginning on line 2.

  2. Error Responses — Displayed on line 24.

    Message Meaning
    NO MESSAGE AVAILABLE No pages were present on the message file. Contact the computing center DBA to reload the file.


CC MESSG Input Display

Record Element Description for Command Code MESSG

Item Line Position Description and Validity
1 1 1–5 MESSG
2 1 7-8 nn. This is an optional field for direct page access