2.4.48 Command Code VPPIN

Command Code VPPIN General Information

  1. Voice Processing Personal Identification Number (VPPIN) is a Telephone Routing Interactive System (TRIS) command code which has three areas of functionality.

    • Generating and validating the Taxpayer Access Code (TAC), which is used in place of the Personal Identification Number (PIN) for the initial access

    • Updating, which includes creating and changing the PIN

    • Researching, which includes validating the entered PIN

  2. First the TAC is generated and then printed on a notice or some other correspondence, which is to be sent to the taxpayer.

  3. When the taxpayer uses the TRIS automated phone system, they are required to enter their TAC from their correspondence.

  4. The TRIS phone system executes VPPIN, which generates the taxpayer's TAC and passes it back for verification purposes.

  5. The taxpayer is then required to establish a PIN, which VPPIN stores on the Taxpayer Information File (TIF). This PIN will be used as identification for all future TRIS sessions.

  6. A transaction record is sent to update the Master File.

  7. For subsequent TRIS sessions, VPPIN will retrieve the PIN from the TIF and pass it back to the automated phone system for verification.

  8. For security reasons special handling of the PIN has been developed. This security includes the following:

    1. The PIN will be encrypted twice, once by the TRIS phone system and once by VPPIN, prior to being stored on the TIF or sent to Master File.

    2. The PIN WILL NOT be displayed on any correspondence or display screen.

    3. Any subsequent PIN selected by the taxpayer will supersede and overlay the initial PIN.

    4. A taxpayer's account will have either a TAC or PIN, not both. Once a PIN is established, the TAC is no longer printed on any correspondence from the IRS.

VPPIN Error Indicators

  1. Command Code VPPIN sends an Error Indicator back to the TRIS automated phone system. The values are as follows:

    0 Request Completed
    1 Invalid TIN, FILE-SOURCE combination
    2 TIF is not available
    3 TIF AREA is not available
    4 Account is not on TIF
    5 Command Code definer is invalid
    6 Incoming PIN is not numeric
    7 Other