Electronic Funds Withdrawal Payment Record Instructions


Sample Check:

Sample Check Image


EFW Payment Record Item and Instructions

Item Instructions
Primary SSN or EIN This is the Social Security Number of the first person listed on the return. Note: For business return/forms, enter the Employer Identification Number.
Secondary SSN If applicable, this is the Social Security Number of the second person listed on the return.
Routing Transit Number The first two digits of the Routing Transit Number must be 01 through 12, or 21 through 32. Do not use a deposit slip to verify the number because it may contain internal routing numbers that are not part of the actual routing number. On the sample check above, the routing number is 250250025.
Bank Account Number The Bank Account Number can be up to 17 digits. Omit hyphens, spaces, and special symbols. Enter the number from left to right and leave any unused boxes blank. On the sample check above, the account number is 20202086. Do not include the check number.
Type of Account The type of account is savings or checking. Many credit unions don't allow electronic funds withdrawal from a savings account. Please check with your financial institution to confirm if your account qualifies to be used to make an EFW (direct debit).
Amount of Tax Payment Enter the amount you want withdrawn from your bank in whole dollars and cents.
Tax Type Code The commercial software used will display all values allowed for this field (e.g., 10401, 22901).
Requested Payment Date Enter the date you would like funds to be withdrawn from your bank account in the format: YYYYMMDD (e.g., 20240415).
Taxpayer's Daytime Telephone Number Enter a telephone number where you can be reached Monday through Friday between the hours of 8 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. for us to contact you if there is a problem with your payment information. (Note: for foreign telephone numbers, enter the first 10 digits. The complete number will be retrieved from the return, if IRS needs to reach you.


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