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Sales Tax Deduction Calculator

If you file a Form 1040, and itemize deductions on Schedule A, you have the option of claiming either state and local income taxes or state and local sales taxes. (You can’t claim both.) If you saved your receipts throughout the year, you can add up the total amount of sales taxes you actually paid and claim that amount.

If you didn’t save all your receipts, you can still choose to claim state and local sales taxes. You could fill out the worksheet and use the optional general sales tax tables in the Instructions for Schedule A (Form 1040) , but why not take the easy route and use the Sales Tax Deduction Calculator!

Using the Sales Tax Deduction Calculator

To figure the amount of optional general sales tax you are eligible to claim, just answer a few online questions and the system does the rest. First select the tax year for which you are preparing a return. Then, using your ZIP Code and just a few entries from your draft Form 1040, the Sales Tax Deduction Calculator will automatically figure the amount of state and local sales tax you can claim. You will see the results from your entries immediately on your computer screen. Even if your state and local sales tax rates changed during the year (e.g., because the rates changed or because you moved your personal residence), the Sales Tax Deduction Calculator can handle it.

Note:  If a city has more than one tax jurisdiction sharing the same ZIP Code and County but having different local tax rates, the calculator uses the average local tax rate for those jurisdictions.

Sales Tax Deduction Calculator updated with U.S. Military District ZIP Codes

The Sales Tax Deduction Calculator has been updated with overseas U.S. Military Zones and Districts where members of U.S. Military pay no sales tax. U.S. Military Personnel who are deployed overseas can use the calculator to determine the sales tax they paid while they were within the United States. The calculator provides the ability to choose military regions using Military Zone abbreviations and ZIP codes. Members of U.S. Military can choose from one of the following Military Zone abbreviations:

AA  - Military Personnel in the Americas, excluding Canada APO - Military Post Office for U.S. Army & Air Force Personnel
AE - Military Personnel in Europe, Middle East, Africa and Canada FPO - Military Post Office for U.S. Navy Personnel
AP - Military Personnel in Asia Pacific DPO - Post Office for U.S. Embassy, State Department and other Diplomatic Personnel


Your entries are anonymous and the information is collected solely to allow you to determine your total allowable deduction. All entries are erased when you exit or start over. See the “IRS Privacy Policy” below for more information.

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