Help the IRS identify meaningful taxpayer burden reduction opportunities


Form 13285-A Reducing Tax Burden on America's Taxpayers

The public can submit ideas for reducing taxpayer burden on Form 13285-A, Reducing Tax Burden on America's Taxpayers PDF. Ideas for reducing taxpayer burden should affect a significant number of taxpayers.

For individual taxpayer issues, (e.g., receipt of a notice, account problem or question) please call the IRS Telephone Assistance Line or use the contact information found on your notice.

General instructions for Form 13285-A

Line 1 - Identify yourself as an individual, business owner, tax professional or other (please specify).

Line 2 - Describe the issue you feel is burdensome. It is imperative to be as specific as possible. Please provide enough information to scope the effect of your issue on the impacted population.

Line 3 - Indicate/describe the type of taxpayer that is affected by the issue you identified on Line 2. Example: This issue affects all trucking companies or all Schedule C filers.

Line 4 - Describe in detail your suggested solution or remedy of this issue.

Please e-mail the completed form to