Substitute Product Codes- Eliminated


Effective October 1, 2019 the substitute product codes that were implemented to account for certain product codes restricted in book adjustment receipts will be eliminated.

The June 6, 2011 release of ExSTARS version 2.2.4 restricted book adjustment receipts for certain product codes. Terminal operators with product reclassifications or conversions into these restricted product codes had received error messages. Software programming to remove the product code restrictions is now completed. These errors are no longer enforced in the current ExSTARS Version 2.3 implemented on February 13, 2019.

Terminal operators were not required to use substitute codes and could have used gains and losses or some other reasonable reporting method.

However, if you did use or are currently using any substitute codes, you should make book adjustments to transfer any inventory from the restricted product codes. This is necessary to avoid product code errors that will occur after October 1, 2019 if you use a substitute product code.

Below you will find the substitute product code table and an example for the book adjustments to transfer inventories of substitute product codes to the corresponding original product code.

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ExSTARS Original and Substitute Product Codes
Description Original Product Codes 

Substitute Product Codes
(eliminated 10/1/2019)

Ethanol E00 S00
Crude (any) 001 S01
TAME 121 S21
Raffinates 223 S23
Aviation Gasoline 125 S25
Liquified Natural Gas 225 S26
Benzene 248 S48
Condensate (not Crude) 049 S49
ETBE 249 S50
Ethane 052 S52
Propane 054 S54
Methane 265 S65
Propylene 075 S75
Xylene 076 S76
Excluded Liquid (Mineral Oil) 077 S77
Marine Diesel Oil 279 S79
Marine Gas Oil 280 S80
Mineral Oils 281 S81
Asphalt 188 S88
Additive - Miscellaneous 090 S90
Undefined (Other) Product 092 S92
MTBE 093 S93
Ethylene 196 S96
Butylene 198 S98
Toluene 199 S99

Eliminating Substitute Product Code Inventory Example

Book adjustments (BA) are product reclassifications or conversions. ExSTARS previously restricted certain product codes (PC) from book adjustments.

Book adjustments may be reported as itemized transactions or in summary. See Publication 3536 for specific reporting instruction.

When a product is re-classified, there will be, at a minimum, two transactions reported.  The total BA disbursement gallons will equal total BA receipt gallons, with each side of the transaction reflecting distinct product codes.


A terminal had previously blended 100,000 gallons of grain alcohol (PC-E00) with 2,000 gallons of gasoline (PC-065) for denaturing purposes. PC-E00 was a restricted product code for BA receipts, therefore the substitute product code S00 was used to reflect the transaction. The terminal reported BA disbursements (15B) of 100,000 gallons from PC-E00 and 2,000 gallons from PC-065 to reflect a reduction in inventory. A corresponding BA receipt (15A) of 102,000 gallons into PC-S00 was made to increase the denatured ethanol inventory. In this example, the total inventory decreased from product codes E00 and 065 (100,000 + 2,000) equaled the total inventory increased in substitute PC-S00 (102,000).

In order to prepare for the elimination of these substitute product codes, the terminal operator must convert their 102,000 gallon inventory of substitute product code S00 to the original product code of E00.

The book adjustments are illustrated below.

EDI Segment Description
TFS~T3~15B~PG~065~94~BA\   «Terminal disbursement book adj. for product code S00»
N1~OT~~TC~T96GR6292\ «TCN where reclassification happened»
DTM~095~20190630\ «Date reclassification took place»
TIA~5005~~~102000~GA\  «Net amount of gallons for transaction»
TIA~5006~~~102000~GA\ «Gross amount of gallons for transaction»
TFS~T3~15A~PG~E00~94~BA\ «Terminal receipt book adj. for original product code E00»
N1~DT~~TC~T96GR6292\  «TCN where reclassification happened»
N1~ON~NMCA~24~123456789\  «PH name control and EIN of E00»
DTM~095~20190630\ «Date reclassification took place»
TIA~5005~~~102000~GA\  «Net amount of gallons for transaction»
TIA~5006~~~102000~GA\  «Gross amount of gallons for transaction»

In this example, the total inventory decreased from substitute product code S00 equaled the total inventory increased in original PC-E00 (102,000).

After you have converted any substitute product code inventory to the original product code inventory you must stop using the substitute product codes in any future receipt of disbursement transactions.

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