Starting and Maintaining a Charity for Disaster Relief


Applying for tax-exempt status

Check with the state where you will do business for requirements for creating a non profit and required organizing documents. Websites of state officials with information on forming tax-exempt corporations

Kinds of disaster relief assistance a charity can give

Working with volunteers

For information about federal tax issues of volunteers for charitable disaster relief organizations, see Working with volunteers.

Information for your donors 

Webinars and online courses

  • Stay Exempt Presentation – Disaster Relief Part 1 – explains how charitable organizations may provide relief in disaster situations and the special tax rules that apply to such organizations.
  • Stay Exempt Presentation – Disaster Relief Part 2 - explains the special rules that apply to employer-sponsored disaster relief organizations, the deductibility of contributions to disaster relief organizations and the tax treatment of distributions to disaster relief victims.
  • Life Cycle of a Public Charity
  • Life Cycle of a Private Foundation